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Music Mixing Accelerator provides musicians, songwriters and producers the tools to generate consistently great mixes that make people take notice!


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Do You Want To Know How To Get Your Music Noticed?

Whether you're trying to get your music placed in film or television, trying to impress a label or publishing exec, or just want to impress your friends or bandmates, your song is nothing if it's not mixed well.

I used to work for a producer who would loudly proclaim "That sounds like money!" when he felt the mix was finished.

And that's the way you have to think about mixing. If you want your music to put food on your table, make your family happy, or just make you feel good when you hear your song played back, then your mixes can't be just good, they have to be great.

If your mixes don't sound like major label releases, you won't get any response from the people that can help you with your career.

But you know what? I've been there too, but I was lucky enough to be friends with the greatest mixers in the world that not only helped major artists become major, but helped create the excellent music that you hear on Spotify and the radio, as well as some of the TV shows that you probably watch right now.

They showed me their tricks and techniques, and now I'm going to show them to you. . . if you're willing to take the next step.

It's time for you to make your own "money mixes."

I Can So Empathize With You

I'm Bobby Owsinski and you can read my full bio here, but I want you to understand that I really do feel your pain. There was a time when I was a mediocre mixer at best, and it was really hurting me as an engineer, songwriter and producer as a result. 

That’s when I went on a quest to find out how the top hitmakers made those punchy, smooth radio-ready mixes.

I was lucky because I already knew many of the engineering and production legends, so I started by asking them how they created the hits that we all love. I interviewed more than 30 all-time greats like Elliott Scheiner, Dave Pensado, Andrew Scheps and Ken Scott, (just to name a few) who worked in all different genres. As you could imagine, I was so stoked that they were willing to help me.

They were kind enough to tell me exactly what they did, and that became the basis of my Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, which has become the best-selling book on mixing ever and a standard textbook in college recording and media programs around the world since 1999.

That book has influenced a whole generation of hit making mixers who use it as their bible today.


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My Music Mixing Accelerator training takes what’s in that book to a whole different level since I can personally show you all the things that are essential to not only a great mix, but a great production as well - you know, the things that just don't connect the same way in print.

I found out that many of these concepts and techniques are never presented in other courses, by the way. But they're so important that when you know them your productions and mixes take a leap like you never expected. I’ll show you the things that are crucial to a great mix, like tuning your listening environment, how to set the proper headroom on your plugins and DAW, and how tweak the arrangement during to your mix (which is critical to not only great sounding mixes but great productions as well).

Oh, and I practice what I preach too. Recently I mixed a #2 album on the Billboard Blues Charts and another that landed on the iTunes Rock charts at #6.

They Showed Me Exactly What I Needed

As I said before, I was really lucky. I was friends with some of the greatest mixers and producers in the world that not only helped major artists become major, but helped create the excellent music on some of the TV shows that you probably watch right now.

They taught me their insider secrets, and now I'm going to teach them to you. . . if you really have the desire to make your mixes great.

It’s All Here

My Music Mixing Accelerator training touches on everything you need to take your mixes to the next level in no time. It’s a totally complete solution and covers all aspects of mixing that other courses don’t even think of.

Music Mixing Accelerator is everything you need to know in order to make your mixes sound like they were done by an A-list pro.  

Don’t ever be turned down by an A&R person or music supervisor again!

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What Is The Music Mixing Accelerator Program?

The Music Mixing Accelerator is a hands-on training program designed to help your mixes sound like a major label release. You want your mixes to sound like a pro did them, and that pro will be you!

The program shows you both the classic and the latest hit maker techniques in all facets of mixing, from essential mixing skills like balance, compression, EQ and effects, all the way to mastering.

It’s designed to get you up and running fast! No filler, nothing unnecessary, just the information you need to immediately take your very next mix to the next level. And you have lifetime access for your 24/7 reference at any time.

I’ve studied over a thousand questions that I’ve received over the last 5 years to determine exactly what the pain points are in mixing, and they're all addressed here in a way that you’ll find easy to understand and even easier to implement.

And best of all, these techniques work on any DAW and on any genre of music - and there’s no need to purchase any expensive plugins. I’ll show you how to use what you have to make your mixes sound better than ever.


Why Music Mixing Accelerator Is Different

Most YouTube mixing videos or courses put out by audio manufacturers show how a particular mixer goes about creating a mix, which works great for them (they may even have some big hits), but that might not be right for you. Your music is different, your DAW is different, your studio is different, and your plugins are different.

That won’t be an issue here. I’ll show you how to make the most of what you have available to get you going in the right direction right away.

The Music Mixing Accelerator touches on everything you need to take your music to the next level in no time. It’s a totally complete solution and covers aspects of mixing that no other course even touches, like:

  • A quick and easy (and cheap) way to improve the acoustics of your listening area (you can’t mix it if you can’t hear it)
  • Developing your studio eyes and ears to be able to hear deep inside a track
  • Selecting the right reference tracks to use as a mix comparison (very important for a competitive sounding mix!)

And that’s just the first module!

Other things that you won’t find in other courses include:

  • Production and arrangement techniques (absolutely essential for a great mix)
  • Prepping your tracks for the mix
  • Pro editing tricks to give your mix that professional edge before you even start
  • The best way to use automation and sidechaining, the secret sauce behind modern mixes
  • Specialty techniques including 3D reverb (for the biggest most gorgeous verb you’ve ever heard even with the cheapest plugin), transient shaping (to add more snap and power), resonant frequency EQing, drum enhancement and replacement, and dynamic EQ
  • Special techniques to bring out the best in your drum, vocal, bass, guitar and keyboard tracks
  • Self-mastering techniques
  • Delivery requirements for pro mastering
  • Delivery requirements for SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, TuneCore and every popular music distributor 

Of course, we’ll cover the basics, and do that better than in any other course because you’ll learn why as well as how so you can instantly adapt everything you learn into your next mix, regardless of the genre of music and the gear that you’re using. This includes:

  • The right levels and meters to use
  • Finding the right balance between instruments, especially bass and drums, and the track and vocals
  • Everything you need to know about compression, including tweaking to breathe with your mix, the best type of compressor to use in ant situation, and how to set up a mix buss that adds more power to your mix
  • EQ techniques of the pros to both separate your tracks from one another, and provide the utmost in clarity
  • How to create the right effects for the song, including timing them to the track, making them fit in or stick out, and whether to use inserts or busses.  

Best of all you'll get training from me personally. I'll be there to hear your mixes, give you advice and direction, and answer your questions!

You can finally present your music the way you’ve always heard it in your head the way you always wanted it to be - the way that makes people notice - the way that makes you money, with these simple steps.


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The Music Mixing Accelerator course will teach you everything you need to know to create radio / television /Spotify-ready mixes that industry execs and your listeners expect.

Includes Lifetime 24/7 Access To The Following Components

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Online Training Modules

Contains many techniques that you simply won't find anywhere else, and certainly not in one place like this

Training image

Training Sessions With Bobby Owsinski

Bobby will personally guide you through each module and answer any questions that you might have

Assignments Image

Assignments And Assessments

The best way to make sure that you’re acting on the concepts and absorbing the material

Q&A Image

Bobby O’s Personal Attention

Personal attention and mix evaluations to keep you on the right track and to answer all your questions

Facebook icon Image

Exclusive Facebook Group

Access to the exclusive Hit Makers Club Facebook Group for sharing information and getting help

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Works On Any DAW

The techniques work on any genre of music and any DAW, and even on real analog or digital consoles

These Amazing Bonuses Are Also Included

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Final Project Mastering Evaluation (Valued at $2,000)

Master evaluation from Grammy-winning mastering engineer Gene Grimaldi of Oasis Mastering (Lada Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Sting, Paramour, and dozens more)

Hit Makers Club Diamond Tier

Software Bundle From Korneff Audio (Valued at $339.96)

A bundle of totally unique plugins including the MicroDigital Reverberator, Amplified Instrument Processor, Pawn Shop Compressor, and Talkback Limiter

Placeholder Image

Social Media For Musicians Bootcamp (Valued at $1,997)

Full access to my Social Media For Musicians Bootcamp course to help you raise your social profile and authority to get more work, more clients, and more music industry connections

101 Free Plugins image

1 on 1 "Fixit" Session With Bobby Owsinski (Worth $450)

A free 1 on 1 session with Bobby Owsinski where he'll help you fix your biggest recording, mixing or production problem.

101 Free Plugins image

Industry Leader Master Classes (Worth $2450)

Zoom calls with industry movers and shakers where you hear exactly what they do and how they do it. Engineers, producers, gear manufactures, publishers, you'll hear from them all and be able to ask questions too.

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started
Let's do 3 Payments Instead

Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy from Music Mixing Accelerator:

If you’re like other happy users, here’s what will happen even before you’ve completed the Music Mixing Accelerator program:

  • You’re going to be wonderfully surprised at how solid and powerful your mixes are

  • You're going to have music industry execs and music supervisors asking for more rather than giving you another rejection

  • You’re going to have more confidence in not only your mixing, but your production work as well.

  • You’re going to hear new things that you’ve never heard before in not only your music, but in every song you'll listen to from now on (and apply them to your music)

  • You'll learn what to do quickly so you can start making your mixes better immediately.

  • You'll learn to get the most out of the gear that you’re using. No need to buy anything new.

And remember, these techniques work on YOUR music. If fact, they can be used on any type of music and get great results.

Some other benefits you'll notice immediately:

  • You’ll be able to apply the insider EQ techniques that the pros use to both separate your tracks from one another, and provide the utmost in clarity quickly (no more twisting EQ controls hoping it will sound better)
  • You’ll know just what to do to create the right effects for the song, including timing them to the track, making them fit in or stick out (so you never have washed out mixes again), and the best time to use inserts or busses
  • You’ll know everything you need to know about compression, including the best type of compressor to use in any situation, and how to set up a mix buss that adds more power to your mix (compression is the key to a radio-ready mix)
  •  You’ll be able to improve the acoustics of your listening area cheaply and easily (because you can’t mix it if you can’t hear it)
  • You’ll be able to use the pro editing tricks to give your mix that professional sheen before you even begin (you never hear noises or timing issues in a major label release)
  •  You’ll know how and when to use automation and sidechaining, the secret sauce behind modern mixes
  • You’ll know how to fix an arrangement so not only does the mix sound better, but more professional as well
  • You’ll know the both the classic and current production and arrangement techniques so you’re mix will aways sound modern, or appropriate for a era of music (super important for getting placements)
  • You’ll be able to set the levels of your mixes so they’re competitive to anything out there (no more wimpy sounding mixes)
  • You’ll never have to think about what are the right levels and which meters to use again 
  • You’ll be able to use specialty techniques including 3D reverb (for the biggest most gorgeous verb you’ve ever heard even with the cheapest plugin), transient shaping (to add more snap and power), resonant frequency EQingdrum enhancement and replacement, and dynamic EQ to take even a good mix to the next level
  • You’ll know exactly what kind of files to deliver to SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, TuneCore and every popular music distributor (as well as how to submit them)
  • You’ll know what kind of mixes to deliver to film and television music supervisors

Here's Why I Can Help You

I'm a really great teacher, and here are just a few quotes from happy customers to prove it
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I don't know where to start with how much I have learnt from your course. I can hear that my mixes have improved drastically and I feel so much more confident when starting a project. Before I started the course I had no idea of what to do but I now have a clear method of working my way through my songs and what I want to do to different instruments.

Chandon Kainth

Placeholder Image

It was fantastic from my perspective, so many unique technics and tricks you have presented to us in the very open way and in the right order. It has opened my eyes now for many aspects in mixing process which were not fully understandable before. I have now full overview for whole process step by step.

Gabriel Staniecki

Placeholder Image

I've paid for and taken other mixing courses. Out of respect for the instructors I will not mention the names of the courses. I've also watched countless Youtube videos about mixing. In my opinion, none of them even comes close to matching Bobby's Mixing Accelerator course. I can't recommend this course highly enough.

Peter Glass

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Accelerator is excellent and I have learned an awful lot.  I found the compressor section immensely helpful, as well as your reverb information. The automation section introduced me to a lot of possibilities. I was clueless.  However, the real gem of the program is you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.
Paul Cuthbert
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I can definitely say that it has already taken my mixes from being good amateur mixes, to professional mixes. And that's after only using 2 or 3 of the tips and tricks that you had shown us. The actual changes to the mixes are subtle, but the overall difference is almost unbelievable.  The sound of the mixes was better to a degree, but the feel of the mixes was improved dramatically!  Your course is incredibly helpful. 

Jamal Patton


Placeholder Image

I consider your course the best I ever taken. I will tell you with honesty the factor that made me take your courses instead of others I was tempted to purchase online, it was your age, (I didn't know you) then I read about who you are and I took it right away. When I saw your picture it conveyed the image of experience and I was right again.

Raul Hildago

Placeholder Image

I can't tell you how satisfied I am about this course. I tell everyone I know about it. The whole key to your teaching is downright simplicity with barebones for tools.

Marty Lang

Placeholder Image
The mixing accelerator has really been a great course for me at the right time. It filled many of the holes in my knowledge. I feel it has brought me many steps forward. The course is flexible and combined with the opportunity to get feedback on my work and ask questions is really great!  
Geir Kåre
Placeholder Image

I have been recording original demos for around 15 yrs and have learned so much from trial and era. I want to  tell ya that in a short time trying some of the tips you give have allowed me to take great leaps into far greater recordings and live sound producing.

Alan Fine

These are just from the last few months. There are hundreds more just like them.

This can be you too, if you’re willing to take the next step.

You can have great mixes that make you proud of your music, keep your clients coming back, and get more placements - or you can keep on struggling and experimenting, never sure exactly why you’re doing something and never getting the results you want and need. The choice is yours.

Register for my Music Mixing Accelerator program and experience the transformation that makes your music as good as it can be - the way you always wanted to hear it, the way that makes you money, the way that makes you happy!

It can happen faster than you think, but you have to be willing to take that step. 


So Here Are Your Choices

You now have these 5 choices:

CHOICE #1 - Do nothing and continue to struggle with your mixes

Eventually you could figure the art of mixing out to the point where your mixes are pretty good, but it could take years of experimentation. Do you really have that much time to waste when your music could be so much better right now? How much potential money will you be losing?

COST = $0 (but big money in terms of your time)

CHOICE #2 - Watch more YouTube videos and hope you'll find one that helps

A recent search shows that there are over 44 million videos on music mixing available just on YouTube alone. What do you think the chances are that you'll find just the right ones that will help you? And that might only help you in one single area of mixing and production, where there are so many more that must be addressed to actually create a great mix.

COST - $0 (but big $$$ in terms of your time)

CHOICE #3 - Find a mixer willing to teach you

You first have to find one that has some time available (most great engineers are really busy). Then you have to hope that he or she is actually able to teach you what you need to know (many can’t explain how they do what they do). Are you willing to wait? Are you sure you're getting the top A list techniques? Will you be learning the techniques of a bygone era that no longer applies to what you need today?

COST = $100 to $500 per hour if the mixer is any good

CHOICE #4 - Hire a mixer

Mixing engineer prices vary a lot in quality but you get what you pay for. Anyone good will cost you at least $500 a track and that's on the really low end.

COST = $500 to $10,000 per track

CHOICE #5 - Buy Music Mixing Accelerator

COST = $1,997 (normally $2,997)

You get 24/7 lifetime access to the training that’s designed to make a huge difference in every mix you do from now on. You'll be able to access it from either your desktop or your phone with the dedicated app, and always have PDF summaries of every technique when you need it. 

And you’ll get my personal guidance to make sure that you’re on the right track, plus you’ll be able to ask me any questions that might come up.

And it doesn't matter what kind of music you're into or what your DAW or console is, these techniques will work perfectly.

The cost probably amounts to what you’re likely spending at Starbucks every week - and coffee isn’t likely to change your musical life.

This Is The Best Investment You Can Make To Achieve Your Music Goals

And Feel Safe With A 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

If you're not completely happy with what you're learning, then I'll happily refund your money and we'll still be friends!

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Pick The Payment Plan Best For You

The Music Mixing Accelerator program is an exceptional value when you consider all that's included:

  • The full Music Mixing Accelerator program that takes you through all the techniques used by the hit-maker engineers and producers on mixes that have made millions of dollars (valued at $2,997)

  • Weekly coaching calls with Bobby Owsinski (valued at $4,500)

  • Bobby's Personal Attention - Personal attention and evaluations with Bobby Owsinski to keep you on the right track and to answer all your questions (value = Priceless!)

  • BONUS -  A one hour 1 on 1 "Fixit" session with just you and Bobby where he helps you directly (valued at $450)
  • BONUS - Korneff Audio plugin bundle (worth $340)
  • BONUS - Industry Leader Zoom Sessions, where you can talk directly to industry movers and shakers (worth $2,450)
  • BONUSSocial Media For Musicians Bootcamp course (valued at $1,997)

  • BONUSFinal Project Mastering Evaluation by Gene Grimaldi (valued at $2,000)

TOTAL = $12,797

That's not what you'll pay though. Music Mixing Accelerator is priced at just $1,997 (it's worth a lot more when you consider how much it can help you).

Take that step towards greatness and register for the program right now. 

Music Mixing Accelerator Training


Top features

8 modules of Music Mixing Accelerator online training (lifetime 24/7 access)

  • 8 training sessions with Bobby Owsinski
  • Personal mix evaluations with Bobby Owsinski
  • Mastering session advice from Grammy-Winner Gene Grimaldi bonus
  • 1 on 1 "Fixit" session with Bobby bonus
  • Industry Leader Master Classes bonus
  • Software Bundle from Korneff Audio bonus
  • Social Media For Musicians Bootcamp course bonus
  • Invites to monthly Q&A sessions
  • PDF Overview of all techniques
  • Access to the private Facebook Group
  • Access to the dedicated mobile app

Music Mixing Accelerator Training

$397 - 6 Payments

Top features

8 modules of Music Mixing Accelerator online training (lifetime 24/7 access)

  • 8 training sessions with Bobby Owsinski
  • Personal mix evaluations with Bobby Owsinski
  • Mastering session advice from Grammy-Winner Gene Grimaldi bonus
  • 1 on 1 "Fixit" session with Bobby bonus
  • Industry Leader Master Classes bonus
  • Software Bundle from Korneff Audio bonus
  • Social Media For Musicians Bootcamp course bonus
  • Invites to monthly Q&A sessions
  • PDF Overview of all techniques
  • Access to the private Facebook Group
  • Access to the dedicated mobile app

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WARNING: Once The Time Is Up This Offer Will Close. It Will Not Be Repeated Until Next Year.

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