Everything you need to know to make your mixes sound like they were done by an A-lister

If you know nothing about mixing you’ll learn the best way

If you already know how to mix you’ll learn things you never knew that will help your very next mix


What Is The Music Mixing Accelerator Program?

The Music Mixing Accelerator is an 8 module course designed to help your mixes sound like a major label release. You want your mixes to sound like a pro did them, and that pro will be you!

The course shows you both the classic and the latest hit maker techniques in all facets of mixing, from essential mixing skills like balance, compression, EQ and effects, to mastering.

It’s designed to get you up and running fast! No filler, nothing unnecessary, just the information you need to immediately take your very next mix to the next level. And you have lifetime access for your 24/7 reference at any time.

I’ve studied over a thousand questions that I’ve received over the last 5 years to determine exactly what the pain points are in mixing, and they're all addressed here in a way that you’ll find easy to understand and even easier to implement.

And best of all, these techniques work on any DAW and on any genre of music - and there’s no need to purchase any expensive plugins. I’ll show you how to use what you have to make your mixes sound better than ever.

Why Music Mixing Accelerator Is Different

Most mixing videos and courses show how a particular mixer goes about creating a mix, which works great for them (they may even have some big hits), but that might not be right for you. Your music is different, your DAW is different, your studio is different, and your plugins are different.

That won’t be an issue here. I’ll show you how to make the most of what you have available to get you going in the right direction right away.

The Music Mixing Accelerator touches on everything you need to take your mixes to the next level in no time. It’s a totally complete solution and covers aspects of mixing that no other course even touches, like:

  • A quick and easy (and cheap) way to improve the acoustics of your listening area (you can’t mix it if you can’t hear it)
  • Developing your studio eyes and ears to be able to hear deep inside a track
  • Selecting the right reference tracks to use as a mix comparison (very important!)

And that’s just the first module!

Other things that you won’t find in other courses include:

  • Production and arrangement techniques (absolutely essential for a great mix)
  • Prepping your tracks for the mix
  • Pro editing tricks to give your mix that professional edge before you even start
  • The best way to use automation and sidechaining, the secret sauce behind modern mixes
  • Specialty techniques including 3D reverb (for the biggest most gorgeous verb you’ve ever heard even with the cheapest plugin), transient shaping (to add more snap and power), resonant frequency EQing, drum enhancement and replacement, and dynamic EQ
  • Special techniques to bring out the best in your drum, vocal, bass, guitar and keyboard tracks
  • Self-mastering techniques
  • Delivery requirements for pro mastering
  • Delivery requirements for SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, TuneCore and every popular music distributor 

Of course, we’ll cover the basics, and do that better than in any other course because you’ll learn why as well as how so you can instantly adapt everything you learn into your next mix, regardless of the genre of music and the gear that you’re using. This includes:

  • The right levels and meters to use
  • Finding the right balance between instruments, especially bass and drums, and the track and vocals
  • Everything you need to know about compression, including tweaking to breathe with your mix, the best type of compressor to use in ant situation, and how to set up a mix buss that adds more power to your mix
  • EQ techniques of the pros to both separate your tracks from one another, and provide the utmost in clarity
  • How to create the right effects for the song, including timing them to the track, making them fit in or stick out, and whether to use inserts or busses.

Course Outline

You’ll be through the entire Music Mixing Accelerator course in just 8 weeks (although it's always available to you with no time limit for reference after that). Each week concentrates on one major mixing concept and presents an assignment to make sure that you are able to implement it into your mixing right away.

Here’s the outline:

Module 1 - Foundations

The 1 Big Thing - Improving what and how you hear

If you can’t hear it you can’t mix it, so this module zeros in on how to improve your listening environment, developing your studio eyes and ears so you can focus on the details that you might be not be hearing now, developing reference tracks to compare your mixes to, and much more.

Module 2 - Production

The 1 Big Thing - Understanding how mix elements work together to make or break your mix

We’ll look at how the song’s arrangement and production affect your mix (great arrangement = easy mix), the 5 elements of an arrangement, classic vs. modern song forms, song dynamics and development, and much more.

Module 3 - Mixing Prep And Balance

The 1 Big Thing - Getting your mix in shape, then achieving the killer balance

In this module we’ll cover mix prep, essential editing and cleanup techniques, using the correct levels and meters, mix balance in different music genres, pro panning techniques, and the 3 playback level method that will balance up your mix so it works in any playback environment.

Module 4 - Mixing Compression And EQ

The 1 Big Thing - Tweaking the mix for more power and clarity

In this module we’ll cover the correct order of plugins, the different types of compressors and when to use them, the way to set up a compressor to add increased power to your mix, compression techniques on different mix elements, easy EQ tips that you’ll use on every mix, how to EQ different mix elements, and much more.

Module 5 - Mixing Effects

The 1 Big Thing - Using effects like the pros

Effects make your mix sound both bigger and more polished, so we’ll cover when an why to use an effect, how to make sure that an effect fits into the mix, timing delays and reverbs to the track (essential!), the difference between reverb types, the difference between modulation types, why early reflections are important, creating huge 3D reverb soundfields, and much more.

Module 6 - Mix Specialty Techniques

The 1 Big Thing - Using the essential advanced techniques found in modern mixes

If you want your mixes to sound modern then you need to use the common techniques used by the pro mixers every day. These include how to use automation (the sound of modern mixing), transient shaping, sidechains, dynamic EQs, and more. Even if you don't really care about sounding like the latest pop song, this module will still help you put a whole new shine on your mixes.

Module 7 - Mix Elements Specialty Techniques

The 1 Big Thing - Techniques to take your mix to the next level

In this module we concentrate on taking drums, vocals, bass, guitar and keyboard mix elements and making them sound more interesting so they add ear candy to the mix. This includes gating and compression techniques for drums, drum enhancement and replacement, improving bass definition, advanced guitar and keyboard ambience techniques, and lead and background mixing techniques.

Module 8 - Mastering

The 1 Big Thing - Polishing your mix with a pro, or just like one

Now that your mix is complete it’s time to have it mastered, either by yourself or with a pro. This module will explain what mastering is and why it’s needed, how to prep your tracks for pro mastering, the correct levels that online distributors expect, how to master your own projects, a look at the available mastering tools, online mastering services, and why you should have a SoundCloud account and how to use it.

This may seem like a lot of information, but it’s presented in a way that you can quickly grasp and use it immediately on all your next mixes. It’s everything you need to take your current mixes to a new level and more.

Instant Benefits

If you’re like other users, here’s what will happen even before you’ve completed the Music Mixing Accelerator program:

  • You’re going to be wonderfully surprised at how good your mixes sound
  • You’re going to have more confidence in not only your mixing, but your production work as well.
  • You’re going to hear new things that you’ve never heard before in not only your music, but in every song you'll listen to 

You learn what to do quickly so you can start making your mixes better immediately.

You learn to get the most out of the gear that you’re using. No need to buy anything new.

And remember, these techniques work on your music. If fact, they can be used on any type of music and get great results.


Additional Benefits

The training is exceptional, but there's much more

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Q&A Session Invites

Have all your questions answered in depth during our regular Q&A Sessions

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PDF Overviews

Each technique covered in the training includes a step-by-step PDF summary to quickly refer to as needed

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Exclusive Facebook Group

Access to the closed and exclusive Hit Makers Club Facebook Group for sharing information and experiences

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Dedicated Mobile App

Take the training with you wherever you go with this easy-to-use app

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Evaluate and practice what you've learned in the training

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Covers The Entire Process

From production through mixing to mastering, Mixing Accelerator is the most complete project completion training you'll find anywhere

Also Included In The Platinum Package

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My Personal Attention

I'll be there with you every step of the way to answer any questions, evaluate your assignments, and make sure you're headed in the right direction

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Your Productions Reviewed By The Experts Panel

Have your mix evaluated by a Grammy-winning, platinum selling mastering engineer to tell you exactly what to do both at the mixing and mastering stages. Plus have your mix reviewed by a 19-time Grammy winning mixer to be sure that your mixes are truly on their way

About Me

You can read a full bio here, but I want you to understand that I feel your pain. There was a time when I was a terrible mixer. That’s when I went on a quest to find out how the hitmakers did it and that started by interviewing dozens of my A-list mixer friends who were (and still are) the best in the business. Legends like Elliott Scheiner, Dave Pensado, Andrew Scheps and Ken Scott, just to name a few of the over 30 that helped me. They were kind enough to show me exactly what they did, and that became the basis of my Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, which has become the best-selling book on mixing ever and a standard textbook in college recording and media programs around the world since 1999.

That book has influenced a whole generation of hit making mixers who use it as their bible today.

The Music Mixing Accelerator course takes what’s in the book to the whole new level as I can actually show you those techniques plus many more in great detail, where you can hear multiple examples of each technique, and where I’m available to answer your questions directly.

Oh, and I practice what I preach too. Recently I mixed a #2 album on the Billboard Blues Charts and another that landed on the iTunes Rock charts at #6.

Here's Why I Can Help You

I'm a really great teacher, and here are just a few quotes from happy customers to prove it
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Bobby, every single one of the tips and stuff from your lectures absolutely works. Not one bit of it is fluff or mis-information. You have a very clear and easy-going way about you. You are truly the clear voice of reason in regards to this home recording journey. Hats off to you!

Jimmy Filippone

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I’ve learned so much from these courses, and from your podcast. I love how you are evolving with the fast-changing industry, and providing such fantastic resources to the next generation of creative professionals.

Justin Kawashima

Placeholder Image

I find your courses very clear and practical. And I already wanted to thank you for this. I always found in the other courses I did that something was missing. Your courses fill in the gaps and go deeper in the mixing techniques. Thank you a lot.  

Yohan Couderc

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My mixes went to a new plateau and they sound as good as any CD!  Bobby really knows how to explain things so that nothing is beyond your grasp. So, if you really want to learn how to record, mix and master your own music whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro, Bobby Owsinski is the man with the plan to show you how to improve your tracks and get your mixes to sound radio ready! If I can do it you can too! 

Sidney Thurman

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I can definitely say that it has already taken my mixes from being good amateur mixes, to professional mixes. And that's after only using 2 or 3 of the tips and tricks that you had shown us. The actual changes to the mixes are subtle, but the overall difference is almost unbelievable.  The sound of the mixes was better to a degree, but the feel of the mixes was improved dramatically!  Your course is incredibly helpful. 

Jamal Patton


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I consider your course the best I ever taken. I will tell you with honesty the factor that made me take your courses instead of others I was tempted to purchase online, it was your age, (I didn't know you) then I read about who you are and I took it right away. When I saw your picture it conveyed the image of experience and I was right again.

Raul Hildago

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I can't tell you how satisfied I am about this course. I tell everyone I know about it. The whole key to your teaching is downright simplicity with barebones for tools.

Marty Lang

Placeholder Image

Thanks Bobby...really enjoying it...your compression tutorials have been most informative in helping to get a deeper understanding of how to shape drums and sit them properly in the mix.

Brad Cassell

Placeholder Image

I have been recording original demos for around 15 yrs and have learned so much from trial and era. I want to  tell ya that in a short time trying some of the tips you give have allowed me to take great leaps into far greater recordings and live sound producing.

Alan Fine

These are just from the last few months. There are hundreds more just like them.

This can be you too, if you’re willing to take the next step.

You can have great mixes that make you proud of your music and keep your clients coming back, or you can keep on struggling and experimenting, never sure exactly why you’re doing something and never getting the results you want and need. The choice is yours.

Register for my Music Mixing Accelerator program and experience the transformation that makes your music as good as it can be - and the way you always wanted to hear it.

It can happen faster than you think, but you have to be willing to take that step. 

Pick The Payment Plan Best For You

The Music Mixing Accelerator Platinum program is an exceptional value when you consider all that's included:

  • 8 months of my coaching mentorship (normally $450 per hour) = $5,400
  • 3 months free access to my Hit Makers Club Diamond Tier (access to 9 courses and over 250 lessons) = $300
  • Experts Panel = $2,000
  • Access to all Mixing Accelerator course materials = $2,997

Total = $10,697

That's not what you'll pay though. For now, Accelerator Platinum is priced at $997 (it's usually priced at $2,997 and worth every penny at that price).

Take that step towards greatness and register for the program right now. 

Mixing Accelerator Platinum


Top Features

  • 8 module Music Mixing Accelerator program (lifetime 24/7 access)
  • Invites to monthly Q&A webinars
  • PDF overview of all techniques
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Access to the dedicated mobile app
  • Personal attention and evaluations with Bobby Owsinski
  • Mix and production review by the Experts Panel

Mixing Accelerator Platinum

$397 - 3 payments

Top features

  • 8 module Music Mixing Accelerator program (lifetime 24/7 access)
  • Invites to monthly Q&A webinars
  • PDF overview of all techniques
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Access to the dedicated mobile app
  • Personal attention and evaluations with Bobby Owsinski
  • Mix and production review by the Experts Panel

Mixing Accelerator Gold


Top features

  • 8 module Music Mixing Accelerator program (lifetime 24/7 access)
  • Invites to monthly Q&A webinars
  • PDF overview of all techniques
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Access to the dedicated mobile app