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If Your Mixes Don't Sound Radio Or Spotify-Ready. . I Can Help You Fast

I'm mixer/producer/author Bobby Owsinski and I know how hard it can be to get a great mix. I've struggled myself in the past and it was totally frustrating! But over the years I've learned some foolproof mixing techniques taught to me by some of the best engineers in the world.

I'm going to show you everything I know about mixing - from the essential fundamentals present in every mix (but the so-called "gurus" rarely talk about) to some super cool tricks that will impress your friends - in this totally FREE 3 day workshop webinar.

These are techniques that I promise you'll be able to use right away. Even better - you're going to hear the difference in your mixes as soon as you use them (you're going to thank me)!

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  • Anyone who owns a DAW! 

The Music Mixing Secrets Workshop Begins On Tuesday November 10th at 1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific

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Here Are Just Some Of The Things We'll Cover

Mixing Secrets Workshop Day 1

Balance and Dynamics

Setting levels, bass and drum balance, vocals and track balance, setting the compressor, bass and drum compression, and more

Mixing Secrets Workshop Day 2

EQ and Effects

Frequency juggling, EQing the bass and drums, timing reverbs and delays to the track, fitting effects into the track, and more

Mixing Secrets Workshop Day 3

Mastering Secrets

Knowing when a mix is finished, understanding mastering, how to self-master, and much more

Mixing Secrets Workshop Day 4

2 Incredible Bonuses

These will help every mix you do from now on. You won't get them anywhere else!

Mixing Secrets Workshop Day 5


Don't worry if you can't make the live event. You can watch the replays that will be immediately available

Mixing Secrets Workshop Day 6

Live Q&A

Your questions will be answered in detail during the Q&A session at the end of each day

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Your Instructor

Bobby Owsinski

Producer, Mixer, Author of the The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, The Recording Engineer's Handbook (among many others) and creator of the 101 Mixing Tricks and Music Mixing Accelerator courses

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The Workshop Starts In. . .