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Learn the foundational mixing techniques of the pros that that they never tell you. Step-by-step techniques on balance, EQ, compression and effects that will make your next mix so much better you won't believe it! 



Top 40 Mixing Secrets

Learn 40 most important mixing techniques used by the top engineers on hits every day, including shortcut techniques on balance, EQ, compression effects, and more.


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No matter which program you choose, you'll be able to use the info right now - today! You'll see and hear an immediate difference if you apply what's presented.

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If you do find some of this info elsewhere, you won't find it all in the same place. These are techniques collected from the top pros on the planet.

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No matter how good the info is, it doesn't do you any good if you can't adapt it to your situation. That's what you'll find in every training program.

What Satisfied Members Are Saying

"Today I just got an endorsement from a major indie artist for a remix of his song, so I just wanted to say “Thank You, Bobby O”"

Travis Sickler

"I consider your course the best I ever taken."

Raul Hildalgo

"I want you to know that your product delivers. It's not fluff. These are real tips that really help the serious amateur like me, and likely pros as well. Thank you for that."

Tim Temple

"As a professional mixer I am really impressed how some of these tips on creating movement can really make a mix shine. Thanks!!"

Rob Kuhlman

"I AM LOVING THE PROGRAM! I have already applied the Abbey Road Reverb trick, NYC Compression and the dotted and triplet delay tricks to my mixes to great feedback. I was having trouble applying reverb in my mixes without it mudding the mix but thanks to you that problem is being resolved. Thank you Bobby for helping this DYI artist increase his skills and go to bed smiling!"

Roger Whiting

"I’ve applied a lot of what I’ve learned from you and from what I’ve learned from the others who share their experiences also. I guess you could say your Mix Tricks and Hit Makers Club have been a great success for me in what I’ve gained in new business. People/bands like what I’m doing and call it “professional sounding”. I just can’t buy that kind of critique and the confidence that adds to what I’m trying to do here. You’ve been extremely big part of the gains I’ve made in knowledge through your books and interactions. Man, I owe you a big “Thank you” for all your help."

Oz Amaro

"Your videos have re shaped the way I mix. I “was” first a producer and secondly a mixing engineer BUT I am now respected through my circuit as a true engineer and I’m making money. I’m actually making money! This is a direct result because I applied your technical teachings from your vids with my current ability to produce. You allowed me on the Hit Makers Club to ask questions to specific needs that I had regrading mixing and mastering. I received true legitimate feedback from YOU and other professionals which most of the time I feel had much more knowledge of the industry than me. I’ve grown more in 6 months than I have in 6 years. Seriously Bobby, thank you!"

Paul Sofsky

"I applied 3 of your mixing tricks with complete success!!! i was so excited! Reverbs that dialed right in, and some great use of filters, creating really cool mixing landscapes. It’s really been the best nuggets of advise and steered me in really great new directions!!"

Jon Reddish

"My mixes are SO MUCH better now than before, thanks to you. "

Lynn Daniel

"Your teachings has landed me a job as one of the top engineers in the Caribbean. "

Andrew Rhaburn

"Just wanted to say thank you for sharing the professional advise that can only come from someone who knows what works."

Tom Gossage

"I really enjoy your style straight to the point no padding and the summary at the end to help Ensure the learning points are understood. There are so many seriously Long winded training vids out there it’s very refreshing to get something that just tells you what you need to know without any fuss."

Colin Smith

"The best mixing tutorial I've ever watched."

Don Freeman

"Not only did I watch it oh, I took notes the entire time. Then I went out and got your book. I will definitely be recommending it to others. Thank you so much. You changed my whole process, or should I say created it."

Kefo Crow

"I have learned more about mixing music in the last 3 months than I can believe. What I like the most about the videos is that Bobby gets right to the point. No wasting time, just the goods. My music is sounding the best it ever has. My wife is not as happy about it as I am, since now I just want to remix all of my music. "

Ken Vis

"Man all I can say is I've learned more in two weeks of your primer than I have the last eight or so years trying to figure this stuff out on my own."

Andre Dennis

"I like your teaching style a lot, makes things clear, and sends me to what I need to look at rather than trying to deal with everything at once."

David McLintock

"I am just LOVING this! I owe it to your course to make your book and my mixes come to life!. Again, THANK YOU so MUCH for this experience!!"

Jim Mayercak

"These Lessons are GREAT, thanks a lot!"

Jeffrey Chan

"I think your course is great and i have learned a lot. Your style is easy to understand and you presentation is professional and friendly. You come across as someone who people would like on a personal level as well. So..5 stars Bobby.........i really would not change a thing... bravo..."

Peter Laiosa

"I feel like my mixing has jumped by "leaps and bounds" truly a honor and privilege to be gifted these gems by the man himself. I have 3 of your publications and they are invaluable. There's a reason universities use them in their curriculum, but these being in video format is so much easier to apply in context. Thanks for all of your wisdom Bobby!"

Michael Madnick

"I love the Hitmakers Club. It is your graciousness and knowledge that prevails here. I’ve been recording for a long time and during those years have been struggling with the sound especially, the vocals, therefore it is great to have further information from you that I’ll always trust. I can see how hard you work at this and I appreciate it. Thanks Bobby for all your help."

Bruce Stuart Lee

"You’re a 100 missing tricks is exceptional in every one of the tricks that I have tried in my session has improved greatly. Now, I still have to do property queuing and proper compression techniques but your tricks has helped my music by leaps and bounds. Keep up the good work."

Rodney Mayfield

"Very well done.. and I like your method of explaining, also you have a great voice that somehow in your tone and delivery make me intently want to listen intensely."

Matt Skinner

"I went through the whole course and I have to tell you it really opened my eyes. Started to make changes right away following your instructions and my mixes started to improve drastically. It was magical :) For the first time in years I didn’t feel helpless. The right knowledge gives me more confidence and security. Thank you. thank you, thank you! "

Ilian Kostov


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