Top 40 Mixing Secrets Program Rundown

Module 1 - Start Here

  • Welcome To The Course
  • Module 1 Intro
  • The Perfect Mix Balance Secret 
  •  The Kick And Bass Balancing Secret 
  • The Secret Punchy Drums Trick
  • The Secret To Perfect Panning
  • The Magic Filter Secret
  • The 6 Secret EQ Trouble Areas
  • The Secret To Parallel Compression
  • The Abbey Road Reverb Secret
  • The Never Miss Quick Effects Secret
  • The Secret To A Loud Mix
  • The Insider’s Final Balance Secret

Module 2 - Special Secrets

  • Module 2 Intro
  • The Mono Playback Secret
  • Resonant Frequency EQing
  • Sidechain Secrets
  • The Secret To Using Transient Shapers
  • The Secret To DAW Automation
  • The Low End Reference Secret
  • The Timed Reverb Decay Secret
  • The Delay Glue Secret
  • The Kick-Bass Girth Secret

Module 3 - Drums Percussion Secrets

  • Module 3 Video
  • The Drum Replacement Secret
  • The Loop Processing Secret
  • The Hi-Def Drum Loop Secret
  • The Extra Punchy Drum Buss Secret
  • The Beefy Claps Secret
  • The Real NYC Compression Secret
  • Room Mics Secrets

Module 4 - Mix Elements Secrets

  • Module 4 Intro
  • The Awesome Airy Vocal Secret
  • The Dry Vocal Ambience Secret
  • The Background Vocals Pan Secret
  • The Secret To Thick Background Vocals
  • The Vocal Pitch Correction Secret
  • The De-Essed Vocal Secret
  • The Instant Guitar Ambience Secret
  • The Big Sound Guitar Secret
  • The Shred Solo FX Secret
  • The Parallel Distortion Technique
  • The Keyboard Space Secret
  • The Moving Pad Secret
  • Wrapping Things Up

Mixing Tools

  • Templates
  • eBooks
  • Charts and Downloads
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BONUS - Ultimate Production Hacks Rundown

Vocal Hacks

  • Singer’s Sore Throat Aids
  • An Easy Way To Set The Vocalist’s Mic Distance
  • Eliminate Vocal Pops
  • The Fake Mic
  • A Pencil For Your Plosives

Guitar Hacks

  • Mic Placement For Amp Hiss
  • Bass Foot On Kick Strut
  • Noiseless Acoustic Guitar Recording
  • New Guitar Sounds With Doubled Capo
  • Easy Editing Of Distorted Guitars

Drum And Percussion Hacks

  • The Best Home-Made Shaker
  • Enhance The Sound Of Handclaps
  • Make Your Click Groove
  • Don’t Forget Drum Samples

Bonus Grab Bag Of Hacks

  • Isolating Your Mic Stands
  • Insert Excitement Into Your Tempo Maps
  • The Dual Mono Rehearsal Mix