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I'm mixer/producer/author Bobby Owsinski and I know what it's like to struggle to get a great mix. It used to happen to me too, but over the years some of the best engineers in the world have shown me their hit maker techniques.

I'm going to show you 3 mixing secrets that will change your music life in this totally FREE presentation.

These are techniques that I promise you'll be able to use right away. Even better - you're going to hear the difference in your mixes as soon as you use them (you're going to thank me)! 

Here Are Just Some Of The Things We'll Cover:

Kick and bass low end

The Playback Secret

The simple listening trick that great engineers use to make sure their mixes work on any playback system

Bigger Background vocals

The EQ Secret

The EQ technique that keeps your tracks from clashing and makes sure they're all heard in the mix

Thunderous claps

The Compression Secret

The compressor parameter setting that keeps your tracks controlled and your mix polished

Your Instructor

Bobby Owsinski

Producer, Mixer, Author of the The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, The Recording Engineer's Handbook (as well as 22 others) and creator of the 101 Mixing Tricks and Music Mixing Accelerator courses.

I've been teaching musicians, artists, songwriters and composers the secrets of mixing success since 1999.

Oh, and I practice what I preach - I recently produced and mixed a#2 on the Billboard Blues Charts and a #6 on iTunes Rock Charts.

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