Music Mixing Primer

     All The Techniques You Need To Know For A Great Mix (But Nobody Tells You)

The Music Mixing Primer is a 4-week online training program for songwriters, musicians, producers, DJs and anyone who is struggling to make their mixes sound professional. You'll learn the basic mix techniques used by the hit maker engineers.

The primary focus of this program is to help you build your mix, get the relationship between the bass, drums and vocals correct, learn when and how to use EQ and compressions, and how to add effects.


This 4-week program consists of the following four 60+ minute webinars (plus a Q&A session at the end of each one):

Week 1 - Setting Levels and Balances

  • Prepping the mix the way the pros do it
  • How to set the proper fader and plugin levels (gain staging)
  • Getting the proper balance between the bass and drums
  • Getting the proper balance between the vocals and track
  • The trick to panning that no one ever tells you
  • The secret to playback levels

Week 2 - Using Compression

  • The different types of compressors and limiters and when to choose them
  • The proper way to set up the compressor
  • The secret to a punchy sound - compression on the bass and drums
  • Compression on the vocals
  • Mix buss compression

Week 3 - Using The EQ

  • The sonic differences between additive and subtractive EQ
  • The high-pass filter - the mixer's secret weapon
  • EQing the bass and drums
  • EQing the vocals
  • Making instruments fit in the mix with frequency juggling

Week 4 - Using Effects

  • The secret to getting a delay or reverb sound that always fits in the mix
  • Timing delays and reverbs to the track
  • Getting a bigger guitar, keys and vocal sound by using modulation
  • A basic effects setup that works on almost every mix

Each webinar occurs on Saturdays at 2pm EST (recordings will be made available if you can't attend).

The next available program runs during the following dates:

June 3
June 10
June 17
June 24


1. The methods you'll learn are all generic and will work on any DAW or hardware console. 

2. Works on all genres of music!

3. No special plugins are required, although some may be shown during the course of the webinars

What They're Saying About The Music Mixing Primer

It's transformed my mixes and freed me from recurring problems.Someone actually said I was a 'magician' after I mixed their confidence is boosted! Iain Sparks

It was excellent and significantly better than other online video resources I have viewed, I believe it’s making a huge difference to my mixes and I am feeling more confident in what I am doing. Nev Ellington

I will say my mixes have dramatically improved since taking the courses. Steve Kozak

These webinars are great, amazingly helpful. Brilliant! Buddy Gill

The information in your Music Mixing Primer is amazing. I just want to say that the hi-pass techniques, proximity effect compensation, pre-effect send filtering and like instrument difference EQing moves are hugely effective. Andy Pryde

I have learnt more practical knowledge over the last for weeks of the Music Mixing Primer course than have in the last two decades. Jason Childs

The Q&A session at the end is already worth all the money. Marius Cobianu

The course is worth every penny and I should know having a library of many expensive tutorials to compare to. Dave Condie

Your Primer course definitely touched on several issues that have always bothered me and has since made me feel better about what I have accomplished. Travis Smith

Since following you, I have had over 20 of my projects pulled on Sidney Thurman

One of the simplest coolest explanations on how to set up a compressor properly. Tim Temple

The mixing primer was awesome! From EQ to compression to affects, all four of the modules were very informative and very helpful in my workflow. Neil Lively

I've taken courses at and at Berklee, but I still feel that the best investment I've made for bettering my music production/mixing skills has been signing up for 101 Mixing Tricks and taking your Mixing Primer course. Jenn Mahawi

This was most of the best insightful courses I have encountered in the 10 years I've been recording. I've learned things I didn't know about & things I did know but maybe how to use them in different ways. Paul Chris


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