Lead/Background Vocal Mixing Tricks

16 mixing trick videos that show you the secret techniques to make lead and background vocal either pop out of a mix, or blend in just right, including:

  • The Multiband Vocal EQ Trick
  • The Dual Compressed Vocal Trick
  • The Awesome Airy Vocal Trick
  • The Dual Untimed Slap Trick
  • The Single Word Delay Trick
  • The Amazing Agro Vocal Trick
  • The Super Stereo Vocal Delay Trick
  • The Pitchy Vocal Coverup Trick
  • The Pitchy Vocal Coverup Trick Take 2
  • The Sci-Fi Robot Voice Trick
  • The Dynamically Dry Vocal Trick
  • The Abbey Road ADT Vocal Trick
  • The Mono Spring Vocal Trick
  • The Big Background Pan Trick
  • The Expanding Energy Background Trick
  • The Beefy Background Vocal Trick

Each trick consists of a separate video 3 to 10 minutes long showing multiple examples of the technique.

REMEMBER: All tricks can be used on any DAW or console (analog or digital), and primarily use the native plugins that come with your DAW.

And they're available to you 24/7 with no time limit.

Use the same big studio mixing tricks that the A-list pros use that not many people know about. These can be easily applied to any small or home studio mixing situation to make your mixes hold up against what's coming from the major labels.