Hit Makers Club

Are you confused and frustrated when you're mixing?

Do you want to take your vocal tracks from Blah To Wow?

Do you want your mixes to have a clear and powerful low end?

Do you want to be able to trust your ears and have confidence in your mixes?

I can take you there with my Hit Makers Club.

How? Because Hit Makers Club is different from any other program on mixing that you'll find. I’ll show you the things about mixing that no one (and I mean no one) ever tells you that make all the difference in the world in how your mixes sound.

These are the things that every A-list mixer uses on every mix (although most of them do it unconsciously). I’ve collected these techniques from some of the world's greatest mixers, and now I want to show what they do so you can do it too. That’s why it’s called the Hit Makers Club. I want you to have hits, or at least have mixes so good they could be hits.

I want you to feel the confidence that comes with knowing that the gap between you and the experts isn't as big as you thought.

Here’s How It Works

You get access to all of my mixing and production courses, but they’re laid out in a very specific way that shows you exactly what you need to know to boost your mixing skills in a big way.

You start with the basics of mixing (the real secrets that no one ever tells you) in the Music Mixing Primer, go to Editing Secrets of the Pros to learn the mix prep and editing techniques used on big-time mixes, then discover how to add the fairy dust that takes a mix from good to great with my 101 Mixing Tricks course.

From there we go into production with Music Producer Formula (along with the Ultimate Production Hacks bonus course), and then learn how to market yourself and your music with my Brand Your Music Crash Course.

But that’s not all. You get continued support through the private and exclusive Hit Makers Club Facebook group, monthly Workshop Webinars that show you new mixing and production techniques, and monthly Q&A Webinars where I’ll answer any and all of your questions. Plus you’ll also notifications on new blog posts, podcast and events that you'll find both helpful and interesting.

All courses are available to you 24/7 and the techniques will work on any DAW or genre of music!


Benefits Of Becoming A Hit Makers Club Member

1. Your mixes will sound better. That's no lie and there are hundreds of comments to prove it (see some below). You will learn things that will elevate your very next mix to a level you never dreamed of.

2. Close the gap between you and the experts. When you know what the experts know, it's just a matter of gaining experience to be as good as they are. With the Hit Makers Club, it will no longer take you years to learn the tricks!

3. Fill in the blanks on things you don’t know. Maybe you kind of know how the EQ or compressor works, but not sure what the Q, or ratio or attack or first reflection does? It's those little things that make a big difference in how a mix feels in the end. A little knowledge here goes a long way.

4. Have the confidence about what you're hearing and know that you're heading in the right direction during a mix. Not being sure of yourself can not only be frustrating, but it can take all of the fun out of something that should be a blast. As a Hit Makers Club member, you'll gain the confidence to know when your mix is right, and when it isn't.

One thing's for sure, when your mixes sound great, you're going to feel so much better about your music!  

Hit Makers Club Components

Let’s look deeper into the different components that make up the Hit Makers Club.

Component #1: The Courses

The courses grow your skills like a rocket ship, starting with the piece that fills in all the blanks - the Music Mixing Primer.




   The Music Mixing Primer

You’ll learn the real fundamentals of mixing that no one ever tells you (many that you won’t find anywhere else) yet are so crucial to how you mix sounds. It's the basics that make your mix sound professional!

Module 1 - Getting The Proper Balance

  • Setting proper levels and gain staging
  • How to set the perfect balance between the bass and drums
  • How to set the perfect balance between the vocal and track
  • The trick to panning 

Module 2 - Using Compression

  • The different types of compressors and when to use them (not found anywhere else)
  • How to set up the compressor to breathe with the track (not found anywhere else)
  • How to set up the compression on the bass and drums
  • How to set up the compression on the vocals
  • How to set up the compression on the mix buss

Module 3 - Using The EQ

  • The best way to use the EQ for track clarity and separation
  • The High-pass filter: the mixer’s secret weapon
  • EQing the bass and drums
  • EQing the vocals
  • Frequency juggling to make every track fit perfectly in the mix

Module 4 - Effects

  • The secret to getting effects to fit in the mix
  • Timing delays to the track
  • Timing reverbs to the track
  • Getting bigger sounds with modulation
  • An effects setup that always works

  Editing Tricks of the Pros

The essential studio DAW editing skills necessary to properly prepare sessions to mix. Use these tricks to make the tracks sound tighter and eliminate noises to make it cleaner.

  • How to eliminate noises from a track
  • How to eliminate clicks and pops from a track
  • Fixing track timing (the key to a professional mix)
  • Tightening releases for a tight track (not found anywhere else)

  101 Mixing Tricks

101 Mixing Tricks features 101 mix sweetening techniques taken from the finest mixing engineers in every genre of music. 

Module #1: In Your Face Tricks

16 tricks on balance, panning, automation, EQ and compression that will add some amazing interest to any mix.

Module #2: Mondo Effects Tricks

18 mixing tricks designed to help you get some of the reverb and delay effects of the mixing greats, like creating that famous Abbey Road reverb sound that blends seamlessly into the track.

Module #3: Interesting Instrument Tricks

23 mixing tricks that specifically cover guitar, bass, and keyboards, which includes how to get the famous Elton John piano sound, or a bass sound that pops through small speakers.

Module #4: Wicked Cool Drum and Percussion Sounds

28 tricks for getting killer drum and percussion sounds, like the way the best mixers make a mediocre sounding kit into the punchiest sounding drums you ever heard.

Module #5: Bad-Ass Vocals

16 tricks for getting lead and background vocals that either pop out of a mix, or blend in just right.


  Music Producer Formula

Even if you're not trying to make the jump into production, there's a lot of information worth knowing in this course. If you want to make the transition to production, everything you need to know is here including:

  • How to become a producer
  • The typical producer’s deal and how you get paid for either a label or indie project
  • The different types of music producers (bet you didn't know there was more than one)
  • How a producer can actually prosper in the new world of digital music (contrary to what many will tell you)
  • How to assemble a project budget that always works and manages to keep both the artist and the financier happy
  • The typical label budgets of today, both indie and major
  • How to hire and pay session and union musicians
  • How to set up a recording schedule that ensure's that you'll be able to finish any size project no matter what
  • The pitfalls of self-production and how you can avoid them
  • All the creative aspects of production, like analyzing and fixing a song or arrangement, music troubleshooting, and getting the best from musicians and vocalists
  • And much, much more.

  Brand Your Music Crash Course

You can’t develop your brand until you know what it is, and this this course will help you not only discover it, but cultivate it so you and your music can stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn:

  • What Is A Brand?
  • Analyzing Popular Brands
  • Discovering Your Brand
  • Developing Your Brand
  • Creating Your Logo
  • What Makes A Great Photo?

You'll be able to download a series of PDF Worksheets and Checklists that give you a step-by-step guide to branding yourself, your band, or your music, and you’ll also get two action assignments along with PDF worksheets that will get you off and running in not only creating your brand, but taking it to the next level as well.

Bonus Interview: You’ll also get access to an exclusive interview with former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker where he outlines his artist branding strategy and how it can apply to you.


Component #2: The Monthly Webinars

Another thing that sets a Hit Makers Club membership apart from any other program is the monthly webinars designed to get you up to speed on new techniques or personally answer your questions. These consists of:

1. Invites to join the monthly Workshop Webinars. An exclusive look at the latest mixing and production techniques just for you every month.

2. Invites to join the monthly Q&A Webinars. Here's your chance to get the answer to that burning problem that's holding you back directly from Bobby.

3. Access to replays of the webinars. You may not be able to make the live webinars, but there's always a recording to refer back to later. In fact, check out all of them in the archive.

4. Invites to the Deconstructed Hits Webinars. This monthly webinar takes an inside look at the background, sound, production and mix of a well-known hit that you suggest. Of course, it's recorded so you can watch the replay later if you can't attend the live webinar.


Component #3: The Dedicated Facebook Group

One of the best things about the Hit Makers Club is that it gives you access to the closed and private Hit Makers Club Facebook group. Questions about mixing techniques, plugins, DAWs, recording, production and music business are posed and answered on a daily basis, thanks to the widespread experience from the groupIt's like having the mentor you never had. Even better, it’s the equivalent of hundreds of mentors in one place!

Within the HMC community there are hundreds of producers, engineers, mixers, and musicians with a wide range of studio experience. They provide a diverse cross-section of skills and musical genre. Whatever your problem, chances are that Bobby or someone else has already dealt with it.  


Component #4: Core Training Materials

I've included a number of eBooks and PDFs that you'll find useful during recording, mixing and production of your next project like The Mixing Engineer’s Checklist Book, Self-mastering Secrets, The Producer’s Guide To Mixing, 6 Trouble Frequency Areas That Can Ruin Your Mix, 5 Alternative Plugins You Won’t Be Able To Live Without and 6 Cheap Alternatives You Won’t Be Able To Record Without.


Component #5: Alerts To New Blog Posts, Podcasts And Events

Whenever there's something that you might find helpful for your next project, I'll be sure that you're notified. This includes helpful how-to blog posts from my production and music industry blogs, and podcasts with industry mover and shakers.



For a short time, you'll also get access to these 2 very cool additional courses.

Vintage Mixing Tricks: The tried and true techniques for getting the best out vintage plugins like the 1176, Pultec, dbx 160, EMT 244 and 245, and the famous Hank Marvin echo.

Ultimate Production Hacks: Cool solutions to everyday studio production dilemmas, including vocal hacks, guitar hacks, drum and percussion hacks, plus a grab bag of assorted production tips guaranteed to make you look like a hero on your next production.


Please Note: All techniques are digital workstation agnostic so they’ll work on any audio app or real live mixing console, and on all genres of music. Most of the techniques also use the the basic native plugins when possible. The idea is to give you an idea how and why the trick is done, not just using a particular plugin to make it happen.

All of these courses individually totaled would sell for $985, and that doesn't even include the Core Training Materials or Monthly Workshop and Q&A Webinars.

You can have it all by becoming a member of the Hit Makers Club for just $49 per month for the Diamond Tier, $29 per month for the Platinum Tier and $19 per month for the Gold Tier.

Become a member of the Hit Makers Club Now by selecting your preferred tier on the right to start using the techniques of the best mixers in the world!

What People Are Saying

“I’ve applied a lot of what I’ve learned from you and from what I’ve learned from the others who share their experiences also. I guess you could say your Mix Tricks and Hit Makers Club have been a great success for me in what I’ve gained in new business. People/bands like what I’m doing and call it “professional sounding”. I just can’t buy that kind of critique and the confidence that adds to what I’m trying to do here. You’ve been extremely big part of the gains I’ve made in knowledge through your books and interactions. Man, I owe you a big “Thank you” for all your help.”

Oz Amaro

“Your videos have re shaped the way I mix. I “was” first a producer and secondly a mixing engineer BUT I am now respected through my circuit as a true engineer and I’m making money. I’m actually making money! This is a direct result because I applied your technical teachings from your vids with my current ability to produce. You allowed me on the Hit Makers Club to ask questions to specific needs that I had regrading mixing and mastering. I received true legitimate feedback from YOU and other professionals which most of the time I feel had much more knowledge of the industry than me. I’ve grown more in 6 months than I have in 6 years. Seriously Bobby, thank you!”

Paul Sofsky

“There are many things that I appreciate about the Hit Makers Club, but I think the most important is that you are teaching things that are not being taught by other providers. I love the way  you explain things and make things clear to understand. I wish I could have found this program a lot sooner ( I spent a lot of money buying other programs only to find out they were all teaching the same thing ).Thank you for bringing new fresh content to the rest of us.”

Luis Diaz

“I’m thrilled with The Hit Makers Club. The webinars and courses I’ve seen so far to be super informative and helpful and good use of time. I can say without a doubt that, already, you’ve made me a better mixer, and I’m applying what I’ve learned from you.”   

Buddy Gill

“No BS, your life-long treasure of knowledge is very special. I find your method of teaching is embedded in the theory and deep understanding of why things work the way they do, and constantly tying things to real-life examples that is priceless. It’s made my mixes significantly better.“

Itzhak Yaron

“I only have positive things to say! I am so grateful that I found you and your program. You’ve taken my music to a much higher level and it wouldn’t have happened without The Hit Makers Club.”

Jennifer Muhawi

Seriously, there are a hundred more comments just like this. Become a member today (register on the right ➞) and start taking your mixes to the next level.