Music Mixing Crash Course

Are you unsatisfied the way your mixes sound?

Do you feel like there are some basic mixing techniques that you don't know yet?

Then my FREE Music Mixing Crash Course webinar is just what you need.

Learn some of the basic tricks that hit mixers know that will help take your mixes to the next level, such as:

  • The simple trick that great engineers use to make sure their mixes work on any playback system
  • The EQ technique that keeps your tracks from clashing and makes sure they're all heard in the mix
  • The compressor parameter settings that keeps your tracks controlled and your mix polished
  • The trick that will make any effect you choose sound and work better in the mix
  • and much more

Sign up now (remember it's free), and remember that at the end of the session there will also be some Q&A time to answer your questions as well.

The next Webinars will take place at 2PM Eastern/11Am Pacific on:

Tuesday May 2nd

Tuesday May 9th

Just click here to register, and you'll see a webpage that will give you the details. 

REMEMBER: If you aren't able to join, the webinar will be recorded and a replay will be made available, but only if you register.

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