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7 Technique Videos For Lead Vocals, 2 For Background Vocals, Plus Downloadable PDF Summary

Vocal Balance

Balancing The Vocal Against The Track

Vocal Compression

The Dual Compressed Vocal Trick

Vocal Air

The Awesome Airy Vocal Trick

Vocal Effects

The Super Stereo Vocal Delay Trick

Vocal Pitch

Cover Up Those Pitchy Vocals

Background Vocals 1

The Big Background Pan Trick

Background Vocals 2

How To Get Big And Beefy Background Vocals

PDF Summary

A Techniques Checklist For Every Trick

Plus These 2 Bonus Recording Techniques

Microphone Distance

Set The Singer's Distance From The Mic

Vocal Performance

Get The Best Performance From A Singer Every Time

I'm Bobby Owsinski and you may know me from my books like The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, my award winning blogs and podcast, or my acclaimed courses and workshops on mixing and music business (find out more here). 

I created Vocal Mixing Techniques because the questions that I get over and over always apply to mixing vocals. Here are a number of tips and tricks that you can use immediately on your next mix to fix a lead or background vocal that just doesn't sound right.

Plus, as a bonus I've added a couple of recording tricks that I've picked up along the way that will help you get the most out of a vocalist, which will also help when you go to mix.

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Normally $97


2 Bonus Videos Included