Bobby Owsinski's Mixing Workshop

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Bobby Owsinski’s Exclusive In-Studio Mixing Workshop

One of the best ways to improve your mixing skills quickly is to attend one of Bobby Owsinski’s exclusive hand-on in-studio workshops. The weekend In-Studio Mixing Workshops are expressly designed for recording engineers, home recordists, self-recording musicians, songwriters and producers that want to take their mixing abilities to the next level. 

The workshop is centered around examining the attendees current recording and mixing work and discussing ways to improve their art. This includes everything from looking at both the basics and the finer points of the mix, to studio and DAW recording tricks for capturing instrument and vocal tracks that almost mix themselves.

The goal is to discover simple and effective ways to create better mixes using the gear that’s already available, and discussing specific gear that that might help the recordist in the future. The typical skill level for students is someone who's learned the basics but would like to hone their craft.

The cool thing is that it really is hands-on in that you do all the mixing as Bobby looks over your shoulder and guides you through some of the finer points of the art.

Students are asked to the mixes of two songs to analyze, as well as the files to the digital sessions to remix with Bobby. 

Who Should Attend: Recording engineers, musicians and producers at any experience level

Cost: $997 per person

Location: A very cool studio in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles

When: The next weekend workshop takes place on Saturday October 7th and Sunday October 8th, 2017

Topics Include:

  • Analysis of one or more of your mixes (Examining the balance, arrangement, sounds, effect, performance)
  • Selecting the correct ambience for the track
  • Effective use of dynamics
  • Basic and advanced automation techniques
  • Mastering preparation and self-mastering

The workshops consist of two eight hours days (11 am to 8 pm), and include a lunch/dinner break, as well as a few unscheduled surprises.

Class is always limited to 10 students or less.

Check out the Workshop FAQ for more information.


PLEASE NOTE: The full fee is required to hold your spot in the workshop. Fees are not refundable if cancelled 30 days or less before the workshop date unless we can fill your spot.